Integrated Crystal Castle Limited is a private limited liability company incorporated on 4th July, 2012 with it’s registered office address situated in Nigeria.

The company is a supplier of building materials such as stone coated roofing tiles, galvanized steel pipes, plumbing materials, steel products and other products aimed at meeting various building and construction needs. The company distributes and delivers the aforementioned products to our customers nationwide.

Our products are of very high quality and most of them come with manufacturers’ warranty. The company’s​ slogan is, “… integrating possibilities” which goes to show the management’s resolve to integrate all possible solutions and services that endears us to our highly esteemed customers.  You can contact us on further enquiries about the company’s products.


To be a brand associated with Customer Service excellence in whatever and everything we do


To continuously provide seamless and quality service to our customers, thereby adding value to them in our own way

  • Integrity: We maintain our integrity in our dealings by being transparent, upholding moral standards and astuteness.
  • Excellent service: Excellent customer service is our watchword, a pact we share and promise to you our customer.
  • Courteous: We are polite and respectful in dealing with our customers and carrying out their business requests.
  • Resourceful: We exhibit tenacity in finding possible ways to solve our customer’s challenges as regards their requests.
  • Leadership: We ensure we provide cutting edge services and solutions to our customers, stakeholders and employees.